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The Telethon

The Telethon was originally an American style continuous TV Broadcast, aimed at raising money for charities. Participants would phone in and pledge money. The idea was adopted by ITV Television Networks and became known as the “ITV Telethon”

B.T. staged a similar Telethon where different events would take place over the phone like Celebrity phone-ins. The Public would call a certain premium phone number and like in the case of The Cool-Notes would get put through to a recorded message, and if you were a lucky caller, your call would get put through to one of the members of the band live and then be able to talk to him or her.

In 1985 the Cool-Notes were happy to of taken part in the event, which eventually raised a lot of money for charity.

Listen to this Podcast of the actual recorded message. And for the real collectors amongst you, you can also buy this Podcast.
The Telethon
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