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After the huge worldwide success of Band-aid in 1985 the ‘Charity Single’ became a very fashionable vehicle of raising money and awareness. The dance music industry had been feeling left out in the cold as there didn’t seem to be much representation from them, referring to Band-Aid. So in 1986 when the late, larger than life notorious D.J. and personality Steve Walsh contacted Steve McIntosh of The Cool-Notes and explained how he was about to create for the Dance music world his own Super Group of artiste to make a similar charity record.

Steve McIntosh on behalf of his band of course agreed that The Cool-Notes would love to be apart of this now historic event. However during the conversation Steve McIntosh had learnt that producer Paul Hardcastle and Steve Walsh were desperately in need of a song for the project, in which Steve McIntosh immediately seized the opportunity and volunteered to write the song they needed.

A few weeks later Steve McIntosh had sent a demo of the song he had written to them, and within a few moments of Steve Walsh and Paul hearing the track they called back and said they loved it and so Give Give Give became the song to lead the project.

The first version of the record produced by Paul Hardcastle was released in the autumn of 1986 under the banner of “Disco Aid” on the Total Control Record label; unfortunately the project was not supported by the music industry at large, as everyone involved had wished for, and didn’t do particularly well. Luckily the project got a second chance to prove its worth in the form of a Superb remix and total re-work by top Producers Stock, Aitken & Waterman, and released on Supreme Records. This time round the project did receive a lot more attention and is probably remembered more under its latter banner of Dance Aid. Unfortunately on the 4th July 1988 its creator and good friend to many in the dance music world was sadly taken away from us all. Steve Walsh may you Rest In Peace, my friend.

Steve McIntosh.

Sit back and have a listen to a very rare Radio 1 interview feat. The late Edwin Starr and the Late Steve Walsh, also enjoy mixes of both the Disco Aid cuts and the S.A.W. remix cuts.

After the first Charity record in 1986, the above super group raised funds again for Dance Aid in 1987. The members are in alphabetical order:

Astra, Aswad, Nat Augustine, Beggar & Co, Tony Blackburn, Jean Carne, Tina Charles,  Total Contrast, The Cool Notes, Smiley Culture,
Hazell Dean, Judge Dread, Floyd Dyce,Bobby Eli, Phil Fearon, Sheila Ferguson (Three Degrees), Kenny G, Galaxy, Dorothy Galdez,
Boris Gardiner, Julie Gore, Jaki Graham, Derek Green, Paul Hardcastle, Lenny Henry, Keith Henry, Kevin Henry, Dizzy Heights,
Austin Howard, Tippa Irie, Frankie Johnson, Chris Jones, Rosaline Joyce, Dee Lewis, Lorenzo, Masquerade, Mel & Kim, Steve Myers,
Nikki Odyssey, Dave Pearce, Pepsi & Shirley, Precious Wilson, Press The Flesh, Rare Moods, Eddie Amoo (The Real Thing,) David Rodigan,
John Sachs, Sinitta, Edwin Starr, Kenny Stevens, Toyin, Ruby Turner, Undivided Roots, The Walkers, Steve Walsh, Tony Worrell, Robert Williams.

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