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Classic Radio Cuts

Here we invite you to listen to a podcast of radio from yester-year. From the mid 70's though to the mid 80's when pirate radio flooded the airwaves with the sounds of Soul Music. Some say that we owe it to the pirates for the rise of soul music and black music in general to its current popularity in todays music in the UK. Opening the doors to Hip Hop and Rap leading right up to todays modern trends. Back then the pirates were constantly at war with the authorities who would often track then down, wipe them off air, even during a live broadcast and confiscate their equipment, but the pirates would always come back.

There was huge support for the pirates from their ever growing audiences and it soon became a game of cat and mouse between themselve and the authorities. So in the mid to late  80's the govenment had to eventually give in to public demand and make a truse, in the form of a legal Soul station for London. In return the pirates had to agree to close down never to return which would quallify them to  make a bid for the licence. On September 1st 1990 Kiss FM was awarded by the then home secretary Douglas Hurd a legal licence to broadcast. Kiss FM was first set up as a pirate radio station in October 1985 by Gordon Mac.
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