Play List

1/      Nothing Last Forever (McIntosh S/Charles J/McIntosh L)
2/      Givin' It Up (McIntosh S/Charles J/Green T)
3/      Contact (McIntosh SJ/Charles JJ)
4/      Believe In Me (McIntosh S/Charles J/Mitchell D)
5/      After School (McIntosh SJ/Charles JJ)
6/      Turn Back To Love (McIntosh S/Charles J/McIntosh L)
7/      Crazy (McIntosh SJ/Charles JJ)
8/      Ecstasy - Radio Mix (McIntosh SJ/Charles JJ)
9/      You Wanna Dance (McIntosh SJ/Charles JJ)
10/    No Remorse  (McIntosh S/Charles J/McIntosh N)
11/    I Love You Back (McIntosh SJ/Charles JJ)
12/    2K-1 (S.McIntosh/J.Charles/R.McClelland)
13/    Back To Basics - Instrumental (McIntosh SJ/Charles JJ)
14/    After School - Extended Mix (McIntosh SJ/Charles JJ)
15/    Ecstasy - Midnite Affair (McIntosh SJ/Charles JJ)
16/    Ecstasy - Extended Mix (McIntosh SJ/Charles JJ)
17/    Ecstasy Midnite Affair Instrumental (McIntosh SJ/Charles JJ)
18/    Ecstasy - Instrumental (McIntosh SJ/Charles JJ)
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Ain't about you -Remix (S.McIntosh/J.Charles/N.McIntosh)
Lucky (S.McIntosh/J.Charles/N.McIntosh)
Love Hangover (S.McIntosh/J.Charles/N.McIntosh)
Ain't about you - Radio mix (S.McIntosh/J.Charles/N.McIntosh)
Lucky - Remix (S.McIntosh/J.Charles/N.McIntosh)
Too Late  (S.McIntosh/J.Charles)
No More The Fool (S.McIntosh/J.Charles/J.Diaz)
Man Enough (S.McIntosh/J.Charles/J.Diaz)
Magic Carpet  (R.McClelland/N.Galjak/S.McIntosh/J.Charles)
Higher Than High (S.McIntosh/J.Charles/R.McClelland)
Party People (S.McIntosh/J.Charles/R.McClelland)
Follow Me  (S.McIntosh/J.Charles/R.McClelland)
Declare Your Love (S. McIntosh/J.Charles/P.Wright)
Love Will Come   (S. McIntosh/J.Charles/P.Wright/T.Green)
Sincere (M.J.Cole/S.McIntosh/J.Charles)
Flaver Fever (M.J.Cole/S.McIntosh/J.Charles)
Guilty (M.J.Cole/S.McIntosh/J.Charles)
4 Years On (McIntosh/Charles/Bowater/Campbell)
Free Me  (McIntosh/Charles/Bowater/Campbell)
Don't Stop  (McIntosh/Charles/Bowater/Campbell)
Dont' Hold Back-Radio Mix (S.McIntosh/J.Charles/P.Wright/T.Green)
Dont' Hold Back-Italio Mix (S.McIntosh/J.Charles/P.Wright/T.Green)
Dont' Hold Back-Original Mix (S.McIntosh/J.Charles/P.Wright/T.Green)
Dont' Hold Back-D.J. Mix (S.McIntosh/J.Charles/P.Wright/T.Green)
Dont' Hold Back-Jungle Mix (S.McIntosh/J.Charles/P.Wright/T.Green)


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