So What's It All About Then?

This is the perfect opportunity to allow you or your friends to be a pop singer to experience and feel what it's like to be a 'Star For A Day'.

So here's your chance to prove your budding pop star status by recording your favourite tracks with YOU singing the vocals, using the
latest technology to make you sound and feel special, like real Chart Toppers - no matter how strong your voices are!

We will make your experience as unforgettable and relaxed as possible, with our special multi tariff 'Star For A Day' packages. After we
have Mastered your songs, they will be burnt to CD,  to complete your package having sung your favourite tunes.

Ideal for Special Occasions, Birthdays, maybe that Special Gift, or perhaps just for fun, and for the real ambitious maybe you're
another budding 'Leona Lewis' -'Will Young' - 'Alexandra Burke' or 'Olly Murs'  just bursting to get out! a start of a long journey that
propels you to true Stardom, thanks to the likes of 'The Voice' - 'Britain's Got Talent' and 'X Factor'.
And finally lets not forget the plain curious of you, yearning to uncover that hidden talent, just longing to expose that budding
Pop Star! waiting to come out.

So go ahead and give yourself or your Family a treat, or maybe even give your friends that 'Surprise' gift, and for your nearest
and dearest why not buy them that very Special Platinum Gift as everyone will be guaranteed lots of fun on the day and closer to
having your Pop Star dreams come true!

                                                         And What Will Happen On The Day?

On your arrival we will assist in making your experience feel as Professional but comfortable as possible, You will have the privilige to be working in the private Studio's of two of the U.K.'s top Producers and Song writers, responsible for many Top 40 Hits. After giving you a  general assessment, we'll give you a brief guide of the Studio and how it works, followed by a short consultation  about whats expected of you and what the procedure for the session will be.

We'll then set the track(s) up and guide you through a little practice session to settle you in, this often helps in making you feel more comfortable and relaxed with the complex electronic surroundings often found in a studio enviroment. Depending on the package bought, a basic Vocal Coaching session will also begin.

Then it will be off to the vocal booth to start laying down your vocals. When we're happy with your performance and finally have your magical vocals recorded, we'll then go on to the next stage in the process, 'The Mix'. Making sure your freshly laid down Vocals with the track gel and sound as one, finishing off with Mastering and then finally Burning your CD. With the exception of the "Basic Package" all mixing and CD mastering will be done post session and posted to you within 7 working days so as to allow maximum use of your very valuable Session time .

With some of the session packages a photo or video session will be included (please see tariffs).  We will use the photos taken for the art work, to design a personalised and printed CD to remind you of your memorable day, and to show all your family and friends.

Now because of the professional way in which we work, we shall insist that all sessions Start, Run & End on time. We therefore ask our clients to turn up no more than 5 minutes  before scheduled start time of that session. Any children under 16 years of age must be accompanied by one adult. The studios were designed for our producers own private use. So to guarantee a comfortable working enviroment we can only allow one guest of our clients to be present in the studio control room while sessions are running,

So What Songs Can I Sing?

            Giving us a minimum of 24 hours notice, you can choose either from our large Jukebox of over 2500 high quality
            backing tracks and lyric sheets (if requested), or bring in your own CD if you wish (please note, if not pre-arranged
            so as to transfer into our own system the process to transfer may take up to ten minutes). You are welcome to send your
            backing track to us via email to:

            Our listing contains a well varied amount of song Favourites, Styles and Genre's for you to choose from on line, at  the
            time of booking or any before your session giving you more time to make up your mind, but please do remember to
            confirm your your song at least 24 hours before your session start time.

                        If there's anything you can't find in our listing, then with a few days notice we can normally obtain them for you,
                        however a nominal fee of 5.00 will be charged for this service.

And How Much Will It Cost Then?