1/   Lazee Waltz               

2/   Mission Simple        

3/   Walk in the park                      

4/   Give me a smile                           

5/   Sexy Jazz Jam                   

6/   Latin Boulevard         


For members only.

I'll have some of that with double cheeze pleeze.

Lonely, sad and broken hearted...somebody pass me the sick bucket!

Cocktails and Martini.

Sleazy steamy and red hot.

I say - do you mind, watch your step.

Easy Listening - Comedy & Cheeze
7/   Isn't it funny                           

8/   Fairground           .

9/   Oompah                     

10/ Bottom & Knockers                     

11/ Spice as nice                      

12/ Salida    
We're all going on a summer holiday

All the fun of the fair.

2 pints of beer and Lederhosen 'danke schon'.

Baps & peaches, boobs and arses, tits and bums .....

A taste of the East.

Has any one seen a bull weighting about 2000 lbs.
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