1/   Doggy Style                

2/   Deep Conscience        

3/   Darkk C                      

4/   Hate                           

5/   Jack swing        

Bouncy dirty melodic hip hop reggae fusion.

Swaying laidback synthy.

Repetitive Hop-hip with suspense.

Edgy mean street tuff Hip Hop.

Floor filling up beat New Jack Swing.

22/ Good Times                    

23/ Kool Dude                      

24/ Testament                      

25/ Funky Sinner's               

Funky slick driving toe tapper.

Funky super fly drive by.

Funkin' horny dance kraze.

Get on up and shake that fun.
R&B - Hip Hop

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11/ Tuff Hype                     

12/ Titanium                      

13/ Chill down                   

14/ Beat the Street            

15/ Crusin                         

Confrontational gang style Hip-Hop.

Easy slo jamz on a cool summers evening.

Chillin' in the big city with the ladeeze.

Up beat retro wah-wah pacer.

Jazzy funky pop while crusin with those kool strings.

6/   Mood 'n' Da Hood         

7/   Puff                            

8/   Pimpz and Hoez           .

9/   R&B'itch                     

10/ Suck bakk da rap
Slow moody haunting vibes.

Unfolding anxious slo jamz.

Aggressive in the hood and pimped out.

Menacing hip hop in da hood.

Nasty in your face rap.
16/ Testosterone                

17/ Dirty drive                     

18/ Tuf Nek                         

19/ Kool Vision                    

20/ Symmetrical Movement  

21/ Heat                             
You can't hustle a hustler.

Mean bass line with haunting piano riff.

Edgy kerbside drive by low rider.

Feeling kool in a Soul II Soul stylee.

Lets tinkle around the hood man.

Resistance is futile.
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