1/   Dancers delight vocals                 

2/   Dancers delight instrumental         

3/   Good Stuff                      

4/   Innerush                           

5/   Agony-O-Meter                  

6/   Hard Nut          

7/   Mega Flex                             

8/   Run For It            .

9/   Runaway dude                       

10/ Zero Hour         

11/ Frustration                     

12/ Over The fusion                       

Infectious groovy gettin' down and doing my thing.

Groovy gettin' down and doing my thing.

Uplifting makes you happy melodic & bouncy.

Mechanical Euro and a house named Trigger.

Its only a matter of time before the whole thing blows over.

Progressive hard and mean.

Rocky up beat tough high energy.

Ethereal bouncy driving stomper.

Furious speed as we chase through the streets of San Francisco.

Scratchy and whacky

Hard fast and rocky

Mad Fast  & dangerous at the edge of despair

1/ Darkness                    

2/ Over the edge                       

3/ Power Talk                       

4/ C-4                

Driving tough and dangerous.

Gear 5 extreme overdrive.

Extreme speed and power in your face.

Enough groove to blow you to kingdom come.
House / Dance

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