Drum & Bass
Chill Out
Trip Hop

High octane buzzing with nuff energy.

Booty Bass with trippy drum stylee.

Dubwise bass head  with skip.

Elastic toe tapping acid jazz fusion.

Rolling Bass, moving and pumping dance anthem.

Trippy drummer with hypnotic synth flava.

Its all about the bass man and da kicking drummer.

Take a trancy Trip Hop and rendezvous with consciousness.

Its fast, its bubbling, give me a little of that acid rush dude.
Chugging, mechanical, automotive.

Rolling, moving, unfolding and hypnotic.

Dark, mysterious journey into a spiritual dimension.

A place where you can go.

Crusin on a wave of inspiration.

Time to catch the  Lurve Express.

Cool and smooth with plenty of lurve

Lots of monks to meditate with ethereal atmosphere & Asian fusion.

Tweakey ethereal bouncing bubbling groove.

Yeah maann,  mellow as a cello.
1/   Activate 0130                 

2/   Bass city        

3/   Square Head Dub
1/   Hot Foot

2/   Logghead

3/   Orbiter

4/   Rum 'n' Bass

5/   Stressism

6/   Rush
1/   Aftershock

2/   Bamboozle

3/   Believer

4/   Pleasent Dreams

5/   Smooth 'n' Groove

6/   Space Out

7/   Laidback

8/   Divine Devotion

9/   Spiritual Suspense

10/ Vortex

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