1/   Cloud Burst               

2/   Confusion        

3/   Expansion                      

4/   Ethereal                           

5/   Evolution                   

6/   Genesis         

7/   Hell                            

8/   Mystery           .



Taking a swirling ride above the clouds of destiny.

No time to waste.

Floating above the stratosphere.

I think therefore I am.

Nothing remains the same.

In the beginning.......

Out of the darkness came the light.

Beyond all phenomenon.


Looking through the window.

Behind the mountain.

Just a little guitar and strings.

Flying above the mountains.

Take me to the penthouse.
17/ Crystal                    

18/ Peaceful Odyssey (no drums)  

19/ Relax with me

20/ Peaceful Odyssey

21/ Delicious
Never ending journey .

Do you see what I see?

The man in the moon.

A little peace of mind.

Time waits for no one.

Lucy in the sky with diamonds.

Beam me up Scotty.

A place where you can go.
9/   Perpetual                     

10/ Reflection        

11/ Solitude                     

12/ Serenity                      

13/ Tic-Tock                   

14/ Tranquillity            

15/ Transposition

16/  Dreamer      

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